Sending Energy & Prayers

filter the energyBy default, I am a cynical person. I used to wear it as some kind of badge of honor for some weird reason. I thought it made me look smart or something. Then, in 2004, along came Paganism and Wicca. It’s really difficult to be that cynical when you put your faith in the God and Goddess, and the power of magick.

But even a recovering cynic has moments of doubt. For me, one of those doubts was the idea of sending energy and prayers to others, especially those you don’t know well, or just know through the internet. For the longest time I didn’t believe those would work.

Then I began reading a lot about chaos magick. One premise of chaos magick is creating a belief system, and through that, bursts of energy are created to affect a desired change. In chaos magick, this is often done through ceremonial ritual magick of some sort, but it is a very individualistic path, and each person uses different methods.

I feel like I’m very good at working up energy and bursting it forth into the ether. I don’t say that to brag, I just feel like I have a good deal of success in doing it, for whatever reason. If I do this too often, or really burst forward a large amount of energy, I’m left very tired. I think being an empath probably has a lot to do with my success in this area.

Once I realized this type of magick can be accomplished, I simply adopted the belief system that this energy could reach other to which it is directed, whether you were in close proximity or not, and whether you knew them well or not.

Additionally, I think asking the God and Goddess, or a particular deity or deities for help in the form of prayer serves to strengthen the magick.

Now I feel that sending this energy to someone in real need is almost a requirement for me. I think in offering help to others, you strengthen both your magical abilities, and your relationship with the deities. Sometimes witchcraft is so me, me, me, that performing an act of kindness or magick for the benefit of others is a blessing.

I feel blessed to do it. I also feel good in the fact that I don’t just give it lip service, which I think some do. If I say that I’m sending energy or saying prayers for someone the the God and Goddess, I take time and do it. I get the impression when I see people on Facebook say “prayers sent” or something to that effect, they are just being nice. It’s well meaning, but I don’t think it does much good unless you actually take the time and effort to do it.

Thanks for reading and Blessed Be!